The Mission & History of the Underwater Historical Research Society

The Underwater Historical Research Society was founded in 2004. The Society's mission is
to explore, research, and document underwater discoveries. The Society is comprised
of divers, historical researchers, and supporters. Project research and findings will be
used to educate the public about underwater history.

"Project One - Bayville Sub? - Spring/Summer/Fall 2005"

The Society is currently researching a wreck and its history.
Our open water dives will start in the Spring and continue throughout the Summer and into
the Fall months. We will update all of our supporters through this website, as well as
through our newsletter that will be available to our supporters in the Winter of 2005-2006.

Project One Information - CLICK HERE

Adam returning from a dive on the sub wreck.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I support the Underwater Historical Research Society?
You can support the Underwater Historical Research Society by becoming a supporter.
All Supporters receive the following for a donation of $20.00 per year:
Newsletter - Mailed Bi-Annually (starting Winter 2005)
Membership Certificate
Membership Card
Discount on Underwater Historical Research Society Products, Books, videos, etc.
Listed as a Supporting Member of the UHRS in all products & Events.

Can I volunteer to join the Dive Team?
As of right now, our "Dive Team" is finalized. However, we are always looking for individuals
to send us thier information, ideas, comments, suggestions, etc. The Society is only as effective
as our supporters and members. So drop us a line today at

Can I donate money or equipment to the UHRS?
As you can imagine, research both in the water and out requires time, money, upkeep on gear, etc.
If you would like to donate funds towards our research, please know that it would be greatly
appreciated. Also, if you are looking to get rid of older, yet serviceable dive equipment,
measuring devices, etc, please keep us in mind.

How can I purchase UHRS LOGO ITEMS?
Go to the SEACHEST for more information. We have a full line of
clothing and gifts. Profits from the Seachest Shop help support
the mission of the UHRS.


UHRS Board of Trustees - Dive Team - Supporters

Chief Diver and Founder of the Underwater Historical Research Society
Adam Grohman

UHRS Diver & Co-Founder
Andy Campbell

Underwater Historical Research Society - Members & Sponsors

The Grohman Family
The Vessichelli Family
Casey Eldred

Email us today at to
become a member or sponsor of our mission!
Your donation, no matter how small will allow us
to continue our research both above and
below the water. Materials, research items,
equipment, and various items, can be purchased
with your donation. Be a part of history...Donate today!

The Original UHRS Logo Flag

The New Version UHRS Logo

A Quote to Think About!

ďIf you want to build a ship, donít drum up people
to collect wood and donít assign them tasks
and work,but rather teach them to long for
the endless immensity of the sea.Ē
by Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

Be sure to join us in our quest to Teach others
To Long for the Sea.

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