Aidan Jack Grohman - The Newest Addition to the Grohman Family!!!

Born on December 11th, 2004 at 1220pm - 7 lbs 9 oz, 20.5 inches.

Aidan Jack

Aidan Jack at Five Weeks Old

AJ in his peacoat with his friend Sharky!

AJ around two weeks old

Mom and AJ - 2 weeks old

AJ chilling out!

Cousin Klara holding AJ - two weeks old

Mr. Fussy!!!

Little Big Man Chilling Out!

AJ in the Exersaucer

AJ playing on the mat

AJ hanging with the Easter Bunny

AJ with Dad in Uniform

AJ as the Flying Nun

AJ eating cereal for the first time!

AJ eating his friend Dragon


AJ dancing with Mom

AJ looking shocked!!!

AJ and his new meal...spinach!

Aidan's first camping trip to Bass River State Forest in his boonie cap.

A.J. in the kayak...he forgot his paddle!!!

Hanging out with Dad in the Cabin.

Mom and Dad testing Aidan out in the River...he was not a big fan at

Dad and A.J. Relaxing

A.J. hanging out in the kayak with Mom and Dad.

A.J. and Dad surveying the river.

Aidan's Baptism Ceremony. In the picture, Godfather Mike, Godmother Jess and Father Ted Brown.

A.J. passed out during the ceremony...before that he was screaming!

A.J. in the exersaucer 6+ months old.

The Grohman Family.

A.J. and Mom before the ceremony.

The Grohman Family.

Aidan playing around in the apartment.

Aidan trying to learn how to crawl.

Aidan almost crawling...soon enough...time to baby-proof.

Aidan eating like a good little boy...not too fond of peas! Sounds like his uncle Mike.

Aidan "dancing" at the beach...he's not yet fond of cold water.

Aidan munching away with his three teeth .

Dad & Aidan watching the history channel. AJ is enthused!

Aidan catching some zzzz's.

Aidan playing around in the pack n' play.

Aidan...future Coastie?

Arrrgggghhhh matey...well maybe a pirate instead.

Aidan giving the world a raspberry!

Aidan standing up in the pack and play.

Mom and Aidan checking out what dad brought home from diving...AJ just woke up.

AJ and his new hair style!!!

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