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United States Navy Dive Manual - 1952 Version

This is a “dive” into underwater history! Chapters include information on: The History and Development of Diving, Basic Principles of Diving, Diving Equipment, Diving Procedures, Medical Aspects of Diving, Diving with Helium-Oxygen Mixtures, Summary of Safety Precautions, Diving Accidents, and Component Parts of Standard Diving Outfits. Diagrams, illustrations, graphs, and B/W photographs throughout. Comes complete with fold out diagram – just like the original. Comes in a high quality binder for years of trouble free use. This is a great addition to your diving library. 160 pages B/W. Order your copy today for only $18.50

Mark V Diving Helmet - Die-Cast Metal Pencil Sharpener

Be the Envy of the office when you show off your miniature Mark V Diving Helmet Pencil Sharpener. Keeping one of these little helmets on your desk will remind you why you still go to work…so on your days off you can go DIVING! It’s the perfect gift for friends, dive buddies, or diving history enthusiasts. Order your mini-helmet today for only $5.00.

United States Navy Dive Manual - 1963 Version

Step back into Diving History over forty years... This manual from July 1963 has over 430 plus pages of hard hat - surface supplied diving information as well as sections on both open circuit and closed circuit scuba diving! Diagrams, illustrations, b/w photographs and more! Even has a copy of the original fold out diagram. A must own book for historical diving group members and diving history enthousiats! Comes in a 3-Ring binder for years of use in your diving library. Order Your Edition Today. Price -

Got Algae? Ship Shape Underwater Marine Services Shirts

Now you can get an official “Got Algae?” t-shirt to wear around town, on your boat, or to the beach. We have the shirts in stock right now! They have “Got Algae?” on the front and the Ship Shape Underwater Marine Services Logo on the back with our mascot “Tank”. Order yours today! Email or call for sizes available! (516) 458-1591 or shipshapedive@hotmail.com
12.95 per shirt – FREE SHIPPING!!!

Ship Shape Underwater Marine Services – “Tank” Logo Stickers

Make your car, truck, boat, bumper, or scuba tank, Ship Shape with our official mascot “Tank” stickers. Available in three different sizes! Small, Medium, Large! Available in different colors! Call or email us and we will get you the size and color you want today! Colors available – Black, White, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Grey, Silver, Pink, Carbon Fiber, and Chrome.

Tank Logo Stickers – Small (approximately 3 ˝ inches) $4.50
Medium (approximately 7 inches) $6.00
Large (approximately 12 inches) $8.50
Ship Shape Logo Stickers – Large (approximately 10 inches) $8.50

Shipping on Stickers and Shirts is FREE!!!

For Whom the Swell Calls - A Barbados Adventure

This is my first surfing film. While I was publishing the South Jersey Surf Journal, I learned that a couple of my friends were heading down to Barbados for a surfing trip. Considering that I already owned much of the needed equipment, I signed on for the trip. Needless to say, the trip was a blast and the resulting film was a bonus. Shot on Location in Barbados, this film is a 55 minute surfing movie complete with plenty of good surf, wipeouts, locals and visiting surfers. This is a fun little surfing escape from everyday life.

Order it today...14.95. VHS Format Only.

For Whom the Swell Calls - A Barbados Adventure - Mini Film Poster

These are high quality reproductions of the original film posters. Available in 11x14inch format. These make a great addition to your home or office. It is shipped in a tube for protection from bending or creasing.

Order it today...7.95. Item# FWTSC-POSTER

South Jersey Surf Journals - Past Issues

There are a limited number of copies available at this time. Please email for more information prior to ordering.

Issue #1 - Fall 1995
Item# SJSJMAG-01
Issue #2 - Winter 1995
Item# SJSJMAG-02
Issue #3 - Spring 1996
Item# SJSJMAG-03
Issue #4 - Summer 1996
Item# SJSJMAG-04
Issue #5 - Fall 1996
Item# SJSJMAG-05
Issue #6 - Winter 1996
Item# SJSJMAG-06
Issue #7 - Winter 1996
Item# SJSJMAG-07
Issue #8 - Fall 1997
Item# SJSJMAG-08
Issue #9 - Spring 1997
Item# SJSJMAG-09
Issue #10 - Winter 1997
Item# SJSJMAG-10

South Jersey Surf Journal - Logo Decals

A Fun Retro-styled high quality commercially made decal. Not too many of these left.

Order it today...1.95

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