The Bathysphere

A Full Size Replica of the Bathysphere - Mystic Aquarium, CT.

A History of the Bathysphere - Plunging into the Depths of the Unknown

Naturalist William Beebe had globe trotted around the world, exploring deserts and jungles, cataloging and discovering all sorts of animals and insects. But one day, his vision turned towards to expanse of the sea. But he wanted to do more then tow large nets deep below the surface to snag creatures, he instead wanted to descend into the unknown deep and see the creatures in thier natural habitat. But going deep in the late nineteen twenties and early nineteen thirties, man was limited in technology. Enter Otis Barton an amatuer naturalist and trained engineer. He would provide a means to explore the deep to Beebe, but the relationship was just as strenuous during thier time together as the pressure exerted on their exploration device of steel named the Bathysphere.

Descent, The Heroic Discovery of the Abyss - By Brad Matsen

Recently published, this book is a great launch point for a history of the Bathysphere. Click below for a review of the book.

For A Review of DESCENT - Click Here!

The Original Bathysphere on Exhibit?

I recently learned that the Bathysphere has been fixed up and is now on display at the Coney Island Aquarium. Kendall, AJ and I are heading to the exhibit in two weeks. We will be sure to take pictures and update this page with additional information we learn from our visit.

A Trip to the Coney Island Aquarium

A couple of weeks ago, Kendall, Aidan Jack, and I went to the Coney Island Aquarium. Part of the New York Conservation Society, the Aquarium was a real treat. Various sealife, including sharks, penquins, seahorses, and so much more, were available to be viewed. Additionally, the original bathysphere was also on display. Below are some photographs from our trip.

The Entrance to the Aquarium

AJ not quite as enthused as his dad about the Bathysphere...but he did like the sharks!

As you can see, a couple of the bolts are missing.

Recently repainted, the Bathysphere here shows its painted markings of the society.

Signs around the outside exhibit of the Bathysphere.

A cutaway drawing of the Bathysphere.

Standing next to the Bathysphere really made me wonder. I can't imagine being over three thousand feet below the surface of the ocean in this little shell.
William Beebe and Otis Barton truly were pioneers when they squeezed into this tiny craft and descended into the depths of the sea.
If you can visit the aquarium, I would suggest it. Kendall, AJ and I had a great time. It was well worth it. As a side note, copies of DESCENT, were available at the gift shop for purchase.

The Bathysphere - Historical Timeline

Information to Be Added Soon - Check Back! Thanks

Other Sources of Information About The Bathysphere - William Beebe - Otis Barton

Half Mile Down
By William Beebe

The World Beneath the Sea - The Story of the Deepest Dive Ever Made by Man
By Otis Barton with Page Cooper - Thomas Y Crowell Publisher, NY 1953.

All color photographs are from the collection of AMG.

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