Diving Finds!!!

During my scuba dives, I usually come across neat artifacts, old bottles, plates, and other assorted, “sea junk.” The stuff I find usually peaks my interest and I am usually found sifting through old books at the library or completing endless searches on the internet to “discover” the item’s history. Some finds are easier to find history on then others. Below are some of my finds from scuba diving both off Long Island and in the Caribbean. Enjoy.

Old Bottles

Some Recent Bottle and Can Finds from Diving or Snorkeling!

I found these two bottles and can with my Brother Mike and Dad a few weeks back while we were on the Wading River in the Pine Barrens in Southern New Jersey. The small green bottle is a "Rolling Rock" Nip Bottle from the early 70's (?), the other bottle had no label but was from the early 1970's, but most interesting was the Budweiser Can. If you look close at the top you will notice that it is a Pull tab top as opposed to a Stay Tab top. Originally concieved as a breakthrough for beer cans, the pull tab became an environmental disaster, as they were strewn along roads, picnic areas, etc. Interestingly enough, while walking on campus, I found a pull tab from the mid sixties, even after all of these years. The can was in excellent shape as it was mostly submerged along the bank of the river in mud. Still vibrant after all of these years. Some interesting finds.

These are a few of the bottles I found while diving off of Long Island after they were cleaned.

Rheingold Beer Bottle from the early 1960's.

A late 1950's - Early 1960's Canada Dry Seltzer Bottle.

A Sagtikos Milk Bottle - Date Unknown?

Old Plate

Other Stuff

While Diving in Cuba, I found this officer's brass button on the bottom (at 75 feet).

Half of a large serving plate - Gtmo Bay Cuba - 85 feet deep

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