Hard Hat Diving
Hard Hat or Surface Supplied Diving pre-dated the Use of SCUBA. Hard Hat diving has been in use since the late 1800's and is still used by commercial and military divers. The following information highlights the various diving rigs, setups, helmets, and divers that dive and dove surface supplied equipment.

U.S. Navy Diver in Mark V Dress - Circa 1940-50's

Salvage Diver in NY Harbor - Late 1930's in Mark V Rig - From "Men Without Fear" Book

Salvage Diver with Telephone reciever - From "Men Without Fear" Book

Diving the Mark V

Over Memorial Day Weekend, 2004, My father and I attended the Northeast Diving Equipment Group's Rally at Dutch Springs in Pennsylvania. Over the two day event, I learned how to tend surface supplied divers, act as an in water spotter, and dive the Mark 21 and Mark V Diving Set ups. Needless to say, Diving Surface Supplied Equipment is very, very, different then diving SCUBA. I was amazed at the weight of the Mark V Rig. Diving the equipment was an amazing time and I look forward to attending another event with the "crew." The guys and girls of the group were very resourceful, helpful and fun. The following pictures are from the Memorial Day Event. To check out thier website, click on the links page!

Getting into the diving dress.

Assistance from Tenders getting geared up.

Putting my arms through the watertight wrist seals.

Last Minute Instructions from Instructor.

Air on, Hat on, preparing to get wet!

In the water, getting my bearings.

Returning from my Undersea Adventure.

A breath of Fresh Air!

Various "Working" helmets from Members of the Group.
All Photos by Dennis Grohman! Thanks Dad for the Pictures and the Fun at the Event!

Additional Information and Pictures

A Mark V Diving Helmet on Display at the Groton CT, Submarine Base.

Original Reprint of the Mark V Diving Helmet (courtesy of the Navy Diving Manual).

Original Reprint of a Navy Mark V Diver (courtesy of the Navy Diving Manual).

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