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United States Coast Guard Websites

United States Coast Guard - Main Site
USCG Recruiting - Join Team Coast Guard
Fred's Place - Coast Guard Information

Scuba & Surface Supplied Diving Websites

Joe Diver America - Internet Dive Shop
Joe Diver America
Trident Dive Company - Dive Gear Specialists
Diving Locker - San Diego, CA Dive Shop
Ocean Enterprises- Gtmo Bay, Cuba Dive Shop
North East Diving Equipment Group - Historical Dive Club
North East Diving Equipment Group
Aqua Quest Publishing - Fine Scuba Diving Books
Aqua Quest Publishing
New Jersey Scuba Diving - Good Information
Aqua Explorers Diving - Wreck Valley NY/NJ
Aqua Explorers
PADI-Professional Association Of Diving Instructors
Seascapes Dive Shop - Syosset, NY
The Cousteau Society - Official Website
Cousteau Society

Underwater Exploration

Hunt for the U.S.S. Alligator - US Navy's 1st Submarine - Civil War
U.S.S. Alligator Search
Queen Anne's Revenge - Search For Blackbeards Pirate Ship
Queen Anne's Revenge - Search
Global Underwater Explorers - U/W Projects
Global Underwater Explorers
Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute
Bermuda U/W Exploration Institute
Assocation of Underwater Explorers
Assocation of U/W Explorers
Hunting New England Shipwrecks - Great Site
Wreck Hunter
Mel Fisher - Famous Treasure Hunter - Atocha Shipwreck
Mel Fisher
Gemini Liberty Bell Seven Discovery - Space Capsule Recovery
Liberty Bell 7
National Geographic Society
National Geographic Society

Maritime and Naval History

Researching Maritime History - Great Tools for Searching
Researching Martime History
U.S. Naval Historical Center - Official US Navy Site
Navy Historical Center
U.S. Coast Guard Historian's Office - Official USCG Site
US Coast Guard Historian's Office
U.S. Naval Institute - Perserving Naval History
U.S. Naval Institute
Office of Naval Research - U.S. Navy site
Office of Naval Research

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