Diving off Long Island, New York - Summer 2004.

Diver Gearing Up...

Diver Mask On...

Diver Over the Rail!"

Diver Signalling "OK"

Adam has been a certified scuba diver since 2001. His open water dives were completed in the chilly California waters off of La Jolla, San Diego. While deployed overseas to Naval Station Guantanamo Bay Cuba, he continued his scuba diving in earnest and received both his advanced and rescue diver certifications. He recently completed his equipment specialist certification and is currently working on completing his PADI Divemaster rating.

DIVING FINDS - JULY 2004! Over the Past few weeks, I have come across some neat finds while diving both the South and North Shores of Long Island. My First find of interest is a "Sagtikos Farm" Milk Bottle. It is a full size glass milk bottle with embossed writing. Additional lettering reads as follows: Long Island Est. 1692 (on the Front) Store Deposit 5 Cents Deposit Bottle - One Quart Liquid. (on the Back) I have done some premliminary research, but I have only found a slogan the company used back in the 1950's "Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Gay...Drink Sagitkos All the Day!". If you or someone you know remembers or has any additional information, please email me!

Another Neat Bottle that I found was an old Canada Dry Bottle - Club Soda. It still has some of it's painted on Label. I believe it to be from the late fifties to early sixties.

The next find wasn't a bottle, but instead half of a plate.It has a green flower design and part of the manufacturer's mark still legible on the bottom. From research, I have found out that it is "Royal Bassett Porcelain" Below that it has the following part letters ...AND (which I think is England) and below that ...HOLM (Which I believe would be Stockholm) Again, if you have any info please let me know.

DIVING FINDS! During two scuba dives along the South Shore of Long Island, New York, I came across some neat old(er) bottles. Most were covered with debris and growth, but they all cleaned up fairly well. All of the bottles required some research which proved to be quite interesting to say the least. The Rheingold bottle is especially interesting because they went out of business in the New York area in the mid-sixties. They recently re-introduced the beer in the New York Metropolitan area in 2002. The bottle design has changed and is more reminiscent of a corona type bottle. I picked up a six pack of the Rheingold beer and have to say it was very good. If you get a chance, check out their website…. www.rheingoldbeer.com or their beer for that matter. On their archive page, they have a picture of the early 1960’s bottle.

Bottles from Left to Right - Rheingold Beer Bottle - 1960's, Diet Pepsi Cola Bottle (16oz), Coca Cola (10oz and a 7oz), An old Lowenbrau Bottle, and an unidentified Anhueser Busch bottle.

Dive Boat "SHIP SHAPE"
The Ship Shape is a seventeen and a half foot long runabout rigged for snorkeling, scuba diving and fishing around the Long Island Area. It is a vintage MFG Fiberglass boat from the early 1960's.

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