Vintage Diving Gear

"Dive" into the Past with some vintage Diving Gear.

Sportways Malibu Diver Regulator

Voit Wrist Compass

Dive Tank with Backpack with straps

Wooden Stock Spear Gun

Vintage Aluminum Stock Spear Gun

Bottle of U.S. Divers Vinyl Touch Up Paint and Aqua Craft Diver's Ear-EZE

1960's Issues of the SKIN DIVER Magazine

Capt. Cousteau's Underwater Treasury 1959

Aqua-Tech Dive Shop Patch

Capt. Cousteau's "The Living Sea" Paperback 1964

"Saucer in the Sea" Story of the Diving Saucer in Pacific Waters 1965

"The Pocket Guide to the Undersea World" by Ley Kenyon - 1956

"The World Without Sun" by J.Y. Cousteau - 1964

"The Complete Manual of Skin Diving" by A.P. Balder - 1968

Cousteau's Soucoupe - Diving Saucer - Original Collector Card - 1990's

If you have any old dive gear, equipment, accessories, books, magazines, catalogs, patches, etc, drop us an email at We are always looking for interesting stuff to purchase. If you want to send us a picture of your old gear we will place it up on the website as well! Check back often, as we will put up new "old" stuff when we find it!

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